How to make a Christmas Santa’s sleigh

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Christmas Santa Sleigh

Are you wanting to learn how to make a Christmas Santa’s sleigh?

We have gathered Christmas sleigh ideas for you. You can make a Christmas sleigh from many materials, wood, clay, paper, cardboard and countless other materials.

The first sleighs we’ll look at are made of wood, it may be plywood, or MDF or pallet wood.

Wooden Sleighs

Life size Christmas Santa sleigh made for school’s Santa’s Grotto. This is a post on Lumberjocks woodworking showcase is a lovely example that you could build out of 1″ MDF..

Santa's sleigh This cute sleigh was made so children could get their photos taken with them sitting in the sleigh. 

LLife size  sleigh sketch

Here is a sketch showing the internal seating arrangements

Build a sleigh with reindeer for $20. This is a cute idea that you could scale if you want a large display, but this is a good example of what you can build for around $20. Click on the image to follow the link to this sleigh.

This sleigh slots together which makes storing it between Christmas’. Follow the steps in this post to make a great Christmas sleigh. Click on the image below to go to this post by Kelly n Tony.

Jays Custom Creations has this fantastic looking Christmas sleigh. Follow the link by clicking on the image below.

Another sleigh design is below in this video, it is a small scroll saw project but you could use the pattern to build a larger version.

Amy From Her Tool Belt blog has this post that has the dimensions of the sleigh she made. Click the image below to follow.

Heres another sleigh from Lumberjocks site.

Candy Christmas Santa’s sleighs

You can make a Christmas Santa’s sleigh out of chocolate bars and candy sticks. Below are a few examples.

Jenn from Princess Pinky Girl has this delightful candy sleigh. Click the image below to follow how to make a candy sleigh.

Ellyn’s Place has this cute candy Christmas sleigh, click the image to see how to make them.

Christmas sleigh templates

Below are a few printable templates of Christmas sleighs. Click on each image to follow the link to the post.

Cardstock sleighs

Cardstock is another material you can make a Christmas Santa sleigh with. Click the image below.

Those are just a few examples of Christmas Santa sleighs that you can make. Which idea is your favorite.

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