How to install a leaf catcher to your down pipes

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We’ll show you how to install a leaf catcher to your down pipes and what tools you’ll need.

Tools required

Drill and drills

Recommended power drill

Tape measure

Multi tool or hack saw

Pencil or marker


Screws or pop rivets

Leaf catcher

There are many styles of leaf catcher available, but the basic design is a large collection area covered with a wire mesh.

Leaf catchers are generally used to reduce leaf and and other contaminates from going into your rainwater tank.

Leaf catchers are also handy for reducing down pipe blockages caused by leaf build up.


Locate where you want to install your leaf catcher. It can be directly under the eaves or midway down your down pipe.

Remove your down pipe from the roof guttering system.

If connecting directly under the eaves, hold the leaf catcher against the fascia and below the guttering to mark out where to cut the hole for the leaf catcher.

Use a hole saw and tin snips to cut your new gutter opening.

Screw the leaf catcher to the fascia under your new hole in the guttering.

Connect the down pipe to the bottom of your leaf catcher and secure the down pipe to the wall.

If your placing your leaf catcher midway down your down pipe, mark the position and measure where on your down pipe will have to be cut.

Cut your down pipe with your oscillating mutli tool to meet your leaf catcher and and the down pipe below the leaf catcher.

Connect the bottom section of down pipe below the leaf catcher with a PVC socket.

Secure the down pipe to the wall with screws.

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