How to fix a leaky tap

How to fix a leaky tap. It usually only takes 20 minutes to replace a faulty washer. Below are the tools you’ll need for the job and the steps to follow to complete the job.

Tools Needed
  1. Screw Driver
  2. Spanners – Adjustable and tube spanners to fit your tap
  3. Thread tape
  4. Washers
    Parts of a tap
    Parts of a tap

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Step 1

Turn off the water main, these may be out the front of the property, or if you live in an apartment the mains may be turned off elsewhere. Determine where your water main is and turn it off to before repairing the leaky tap.

Step 2

Once you have turn the water main off, turn the leaky tap on to let any water remaining in the pipe to drain out. When the water stops running, you are ready to start repairing the leaky tap.

Step 3

Remove the cap from the top or front of the tap with a screw driver or small spanner depending on your tap. This should reveal a small nut on the end of the tap. Take the small nut off to remove the tap handle. When the tap handle is remove, take the tap body cover off.

With the tap body removed, you’ll now see the actual tap body.

Step 4

Now with a adjustable or tube spanner, you turn the tap body counter clock wise and unwind until the tap body comes apart. The washer that needs replacing can now be accessed.

Replace the faulty washer, it may be broken or worn.

Step 5

When you have replaced the faulty washer, wrap the thread of the tap body with thread tape to stop any leaks. Turn the tap body in a clock wise direction until finger tight.

Now use your spanner to tighten the tap completely.

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Step 6

Replace the tap body cover and the tap handle, tighten the small nut on the end of the tap and replace the tap cap. Leave the tap open until you turn the water main back on, this lets any air in the plumbing to escape and reduce any air hammering that may have occurred.

The final steps for how to fixing your leaky tap is to turn on the water mains and make sure the tap doesn’t leak anymore.

Generally it takes around 20 minutes to replace a washer, so it’s an easy DIY job for anyone.

If your tap is still leaking, you can be fairly certain it needs re seating. A re seating tool can be bought at your local hardware store.

How to fix a leaky tap is a basic skill for all handymen.



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