DIY How to change a wheelbarrow tire

In this post I’ll show you how to change a wheelbarrow tire.

What tools you’ll need and a video that shows you how to change a wheelbarrow tire.

Usually you have to change or fix your wheelbarrow tire when it gets a puncture. You can either repair the inner tube or buy a new inner tube depending on how badly damage your old inner tube is.


Tire levers or sturdy screw drivers – 2 are handy

Rubber mallet

Air pump or air compressor


Inner tube repair kit

Or new inner tube

New tire if your wheelbarrow tire is damaged

Video courtesy of The Durbin Compound

1. Remove tire from wheelbarrow

Your wheelbarrow tire and wheel are usually kept in place with split pins through the axle. Straighten the split pin and remove from the wheelbarrow axle. This will allow you to take the wheel off the wheelbarrow.

2. Removing the inner tube

First deflate the inner tube as much as you can if is not entirely deflated.

Next break the bead of the tire from the wheel rim, you may need to use a rubber mallet for this. Once the bead has come away from the wheel, use tire levers to lever the tire off the rim.

Now you should be able to remove the inner tube and make your repair or replace it with a new inner tube.

3. Repairing the inner tube

To find the hole in your inner tube, reinflate the tube and dip in a bucket of water. This will allow you to find where the hole in the inner tube is easily.

Mark the hole with chalk and roughen up the inner tube with the rasp supplied in the repair kit. Then clue the repair patch over the hole and allow to set.

Once the repair has set remove the clear covering on the repair patch and replace the inner tube back into the wheelbarrow tire.

4. Put tire back on the wheel

When you have the repaired inner tube back in the wheelbarrow tire push the tire back onto the wheel rim. You may need your tire levers to do this.

After getting the tire back on the rim, inflate the tire and check for any leaks.

If there are no leaks replace the wheel back on the wheelbarrow and replace the split pin.

That is how change a wheelbarrow tire.

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