Hand Painted Santa Shoes

Hand painted Santa shoes

These hand painted Santa shoes are easy to make. Below is what you’ll need and how to paint your own Santa shoes.

What you’ll need

A pair of canvas shoes – These can be picked up for as little as $3.50 a pair.

Acrylic paint – Red, Black, White & Gold

paint markers

Pencil – A “B” lead pencil makes it easy to draw the design on the shoes

Paint markers and Sharpie pens – to even out painted edges

Paint brushes

Masking tape – to mask off the soles of the shoes

Draw design on the shoes

Using a B lead pencil, draw the design you want on your shoes. I used a Santa belt and buckle design.

Santa Belt and Buckle design
Mask off the soles

As you can see in the photo above, the shoe soles have been masked off with masking tape. This makes painting the shoes a little easier. It takes a bit of time to mask off the soles. To follow the contour of the soles, I use small pieces of masking tape as seen here..

Painting the shoes

I started painting the Santa shoes red. To get a good cover of red took 3 coats. Allow about an hour between coats.

Next I painted the belt black and once it was dry I painted the gold buckle.

When you’ve finished painting, get your paint makers and Sharpie pen and outline all the painted edges. The Black line on the scalloping was done with a Sharpie pen.

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Protecting your Santa shoes

After painting and edge marking your Santa shoes, remove the masking tape. Use Beeswax to give your shoes a little bit of protection.

Scrub the Santa shoes with the Beeswax, giving it a good cover. Then heat the Beeswax with a hair dryer to melt the Beeswax into the shoes. this will give your shoes a natural coat of protection.

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TA DA! You have yourself a fun pair of Santa shoes

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