Christmas Sleigh with West Highland White Terriers instead of Reindeers

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Want to make a Christmas sleigh with West Highland Terriers as reindeer yard display.

The following post is a step by step process of building a Christmas display.

Westies pattern making

Find the images you want to use for your Christmas sleigh with westies and turn them into outlines. Trace the images with a black marker and scan into your computer.
Here are the images I used, click here.

Open the images in Microsoft Paint and resize to the size you want your final display to be. Print out the image from paint, this can take several A4 sheets depending on the size of the image. Tape the pages together to get your pattern that you can transfer onto your timber sheet.

Transferring westies pattern

Tape your pattern to your plywood sheet and trace the pattern onto your plywood sheet.

Transferring pattern to plywood sheet

Trace around your pattern with a black marker as in the above image. Below is an image of the pattern marked out.

You now cut out your pattern with a jigsaw. Drill holes around your pattern to allow easy access for the jigsaw to get into tight corners.

Cutting out your Christmas sleigh with westies

Use a jigsaw to cut out your pattern. Drill holes in tight areas to help with get the jigsaw into these areas and around contours. See the image below with holes drilled ready for cutting out the pattern.

Below is 3 Westies cut out of plywood.

The final pattern to be traced onto the plywood sheet.

The photo shows that you can get the 4 figures need for the Westies Christmas sleigh display out of a 1200 x1200mm sheet of plywood.

Painting your Christmas sleigh with westies

Prime your plywood figures or use an exterior paint that doesn’t need priming.

I used acrylic exterior paint, painting all figures white to seal and lay a base for the other colours needed.

Here are the 3 lead westies that have been painted white with their eye and nose painted on.
Black paint all done.

The red sections have had their 1st coat on the Westie in the sleigh.

Use painters tape to get straight lines. Remove painters tape while the paint is still wet or you’ll get a torn edge as the photo below shows.

Finished Christmas sleigh

The photo below shows the solar rope light use for the reins to join all the Westies together.

and the finished ensemble.

Future versions of dogs pulling a Santa sleigh include Dachshunds, Jack Russell terriers and Maltese dogs.