5 ways to use a car jack in the workshop

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We’ll show you 5 ways to use a car jack in your workshop.

Getting your hands on an old scissor lift car jack is easy. There are many ways you can use these in or around your home or workshop.

1. Bench Clamp

Here’s an idea from Men’s Craft. The video shows how to build a clamp for gluing up panels using an old scissor jack.

Looks like a fun project that would be handy if you clue up lots of panels for tables or large boxes.

car jack bench clamp

2. Router lift for a portable router table

Another great idea from Men’s Craft is using a scissor jack to raise and lower your router on a portable router table. Simply and easy to make portable router table using folding work bench.

3. Drill press

Here’s an idea from Mr DK DIY for a drill press using a scissor jack for the up and down action. You’ll need some welding skills for this project.

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4. Metalworking vice

This one is using parts from a scissor jack. Tim from Skilful Hands shows how to dismantle a scissor jack and what parts to use for a handy metalworking vice. If your into welding, this will be a good addition to your workshop.

5. Adjustable infeed or outfeed roller for your miter saw

This adjustable infeed roller for your miter saw is made from parts of a scissor jack. The roller allows you to get a square cut on longer pieces of timber that are difficult to handle. This video is from Men’s Craft and shows how to pull your jack apart to harvest the required parts.


There are 5 ingenious ways for using a car jack in your workshop.

I would like thank the producers of these videos for sharing these great ideas with the world.

Do you have any other ideas for using a car jack in your workshop, we love to here or see your ideas.

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